If you really want to wake sleeping housemates early in the morning, blending a smoothie is a surefire way to do it. So many great blenders are extremely loud and warrant a warning before you press “go.”

Fortunately, many top appliance brands have cottoned on to this issue and have made blenders especially for the sound-sensitive. Some have protective shields to smother the sound, while others have quietness built into the motors themselves.

We’ve dug deep to find the best quiet blender on the market for different budgets and different needs.

UPDATE Dec 8th: This list we made of the best holiday deals on blenders for 2020 STILL has some of the year’s quietest blenders on it!

The Tradeoff Between Power and Noise

It’s the first thing you need to understand before picking a quiet blender. While there are exceptions, in general, increasing power will increase noise. The most powerful blenders you can buy (think Vitamix and Blendtec) are the loudest because they do the most blending in the shortest time.

If you want quiet, you sacrifice a little time and a little capability. I’m hoping you’ve considered that already and you’re ok with it.

Last thing before we get to the actual blenders…

Noise Level Isn’t Just About the Machine

How loud a blender is, will be affected by the surface you have it on, the height of your ceilings, it’s proximity to a wall and more. Not to mention what you’re actually blending (blending ice sounds a lot different to blending bananas). What I’m saying is, even the quietest blenders are going to sound bad loaded with ice, sitting in a corner with two nearby walls, in a room with low ceilings.

Make sure you understand before buying that, if your blender turns out louder than expected, it could be an “it’s not you, it’s me” situation.

Ok, with those two notes out of the way, let’s talk options. I’m going to break this down into quiet blenders with different criteria.

#1: Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender (Best Affordable Quiet Blender)

If you need a quiet blender at the lowest possible price, The Hamilton Beach Sound Shield is it. (Note, this blender is also sometimes called “Quiet Shield” but it’s the same product.)

This is the lowest priced blender that comes with a sound enclosure. Period.

The Hamilton Beach SoundShield has 950 watts of power. Another blender might be quieter, but only because it has a lower wattage motor. If you want full functionality and 900+ watts, but quiet as it gets, this is the choice.

It comes with a 52oz glass container, which is huge for a blender at this price. Even blenders that cost thousands of dollars only have 64oz containers (think Vitamix). Some people don’t like the glass container because it’s a little heavier than plastic, and there’s the risk of smashing. But you’re here because you want quiet right? Glass is thicker and insulates the noise better. As a bonus, it’s dishwasher safe.

This Hamilton Beach model has 5 speeds, 3 modes (for crushing ice and making smoothies) and it even comes with a bonus travel container.

Again, it’s crazy value for what you get. If you’re trying to protect your ears at the lowest possible investment, trust me, stop the search now and grab this.

(P.S. How loud is it exactly)? This video – while biased due to being a commercial for the product – does give some indication:

If you want basic blending features at an excellent price and with very little sound, get a Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender

#2 Ninja Professional 72oz Blender (Best Affordable “No Shield”)

I’ll start with the obvious: There’s no sound enclosure here. This blender is louder than our #1 pick Hamilton Beach.

But it’s not “loud” per se. If you press play on this video below you get a sense of how loud it is (that’s even with icy ingredients).

It’s a top-rated blender for quietness specifically, but without giving up motor power. In fact, it has 1000 watts, 50 more than our #1 pick, without being more expensive.

Why would you get this instead of the Hamilton Beach?

Reason #1 to buy the Ninja Blender Instead: 72oz pitcher

You can blend more with this. Simple. If you’re making smoothies for a family bigger than 3, this can get you there in one blend.

Reason #2 to buy the Ninja Blender Instead: You Don’t Like Glass

Containers I mean. If you’re in the camp I mentioned above (worried about dropping a glass container or wanting it to be light as possible so you can fling it around your kitchen as you cook) then the Ninja 72oz is a better choice.

The Ninja’s container is still dishwasher safe, but it weighs less (despite being bigger) and it’s not (necessarily) going to crack if you drop it on the floor (though better not to test that, if you can avoid it).

Oh, while we’re on the subject, even if you did break the jar somehow, Ninja blenders offer a rare 30 day return service on top of their warranty, so there’s a little extra peace of mind.

Reason #3: Shields are Annoying?

To some people, the shield is annoying. It’s another thing you have to lift up and down before and after you blend. It’s another step. An extra few seconds out of every day you make a smoothie. Not to mention, it takes up more space. It’s harder to fit it under counter tips and be able to lift up and down with ease. This is where you get to decide how much you really want this blender to be quiet and what you’re willing to sacrifice for that.

If those reasons are you, grab a Ninja Professional 72oz Blender from Amazon here and get blending.

#3: Best Professional Blender That’s Really Quiet: Blendtec Pro 800

If you skipped options #1 and #2 on this list, I assume it’s because you want more from a blender. More power and more features to blend more things.

So now I’m going to give you the complete opposite end of this spectrum. The end where you get everything you could ever want in a blender, and it still stays quiet. That’s the Blendtec Professional 800

Again, I’ll put the worst bit first: This thing retails for something like the cost of an iPhone.

But for that, you get 1800 watts of power. You get 11 speeds. You get a touchscreen display. You get 6 pre-programmed blend settings so you can drop things in, walk away, come back and see your blend finished to perfection without your interference.

And most importantly you get a noise dampening casing that reduces the sound of this incredibly powerful blender to the level of “regular conversation”. Research tells us that’s around 60 decibels, but I would predict this blender is anywhere from 70 to 80db, depending on your room.

How loud is it? In this amazing video, a guy makes a smoothie with his Blendtec 800 and keeps chatting as it’s blending. You can kind of tell he raises his voice slightly while it’s blending, but not a lot.

If you want the best blender available… that’s also really quiet: You get theBlendtec Professional 800.

#4: Best Quiet Blender For Single Servings: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

If you’re only looking for a personal smoothie maker, you’re in luck. These blenders are (almost) never as noisy as regular countertop models because they don’t need large motors or big echoey containers.

There are plenty of quiet single-serve blenders to choose from but the top of the pile is the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. As you saw above, the company has done plenty of thinking on the problem of noise reduction, so it stands to reason that they’d diversify their quietness into other models.

Why’s this model quiet? It’s only got 175 watts. It can’t make that much noise even if it wants to. Fortunately, with this design, that’s still enough power to crush ice, as well as all your smoothie ingredients, fruit or vegetable, all into a grab and go (yes, bpa free) container.

It’s compact, it’s convenient, and it does a heck of a lot more blending than it should for the insanely low price. I’m confident it belongs on any list of the best quiet blenders at the moment.

If the other people in your household don’t want smoothies and they don’t want to be woken up by yours, get the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.

Top features

  • Super affordable
  • Bpa free blender cup doubles as a portable drinking cup
  • Quieter than other personal blenders
  • Small and compact (you could travel with it, for sure)
  • Great for smoothies and shakes

2nd Best Quiet Blender for Single Servings: Tribest Personal Blender PB-250

Ok so what if you want something small, for single servings only, but you need a little more than the Hamilton Beach Personal. More container options, more power, more features, and you’re willing to up the budget just a little?

Then you get the Tribest Personal Blender

It comes with two blades for both regular blending and grinding (for spices, coffee etc).

It comes with two bpa free containers: 8oz and 16oz: That means, depending on the ingredients, you might even get two 8oz smoothies from one blend (I’m thinking of calorie-dense smoothies with lots of fats. Keto anyone??)

It also comes with 200 watts, so you’ll make your way through ice and leafy greens about 30% faster and easier than in the Hamilton beach.

How noisy is it? Not very. One reviewer even described how she would blend a smoothie at her work desk, without disturbing the people working nearby!

This little blender comes with a great set of accessories and is comparably quiet when setting it against other more powerful personal blenders. It’s not silent by any means, but it’s quiet enough to be tolerable for most people. It’s especially quiet if you are making softer smoothies and shakes without too much ice or frozen goods.

The motor and blades are powerful enough to blitz and chop dry ingredients like nuts and grains too. For the size, price (pretty good for what you get) and noise-level, it’s a great little blender.

What is the Best Quiet Smoothie Blender?

Now we have the blenders which perform the best when making smoothies of all kinds. Whether they’re loaded with frozen fruits or packed with gristly greens, these blenders are efficient and most importantly, quiet.

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz & Personal Single Serve 20 oz Jars, Gray (58916)

This blender doesn’t mess around with sound or functionality. It has a built-in quiet shield for muffling sounds so the 1200 watt motor can get to work. Because of the powerful motor, strong blades and various speeds you can make almost anything with this machine, including velvety smoothies.

You can also make shakes, sauces, purees, nut butters… anything you want. It’s slightly more of a strain on the wallet than other blenders, but because of the functionality and noise control, you do get your money’s worth.

Top features

  • Quiet shield for muffling sound
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable, shatterproof 32 oz jar
  • Strong stainless-steel blades
  • 1200 watt motor for easily blending hard and tough ingredients for the smoothest smoothies
  • Knob with different speed settings and a pulse setting
  • Great for making both wet and dry foods (i.e. both smoothies and nut, grain or seed-based concoctions like nut butters)

My Blender is Too Loud. How Can I Make it Quiet?

There’s not a lot you can do to change the mechanics of the blender. If it’s loud, it’s going to stay loud. However, you can buy a shield to place over the blender to contain the sound. A great brand to look toward is Whisper Blend. They make a range of shields designed for blenders of different shapes and sizes (they even work for a Blendtec or Vitamix blender).

You just pop the shield over the blender and the sound is contained and muffled so you don’t go mad every time you make a smoothie. If you don’t want to buy a whole new product for your blender, you can go old-school and use a folded hand towel or thick tea towel. Just place it under the blender and it will absorb some of the sound.


There you have the best quiet blenders currently available, whatever you want them for, and however much you want to spend. These things won’t wake the neighbors or put you off making smoothies for good.

Here’s the article in a few sentences:

If you want a guaranteed winner that maximizes functionality for the price, get the Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender

If you want an absolute kitchen workhorse that will do nearly any food prep task, and pretty much change your life, get a Blendtec Professional 800

If you just want it for smoothies and you want to spend next to nothing, get a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

If you want it just for smoothies but you want a liiiitle extra (like a grinder and multiple container options) get the Tribest Personal Blender

That’s it. Still struggling to decide?

First, figure out what you need your blender to do. Do you need a simple blender for shakes and soft smoothies? Or do you need something with major force that can blend anything, no matter how tough? Decide on your budget then narrow down the options to find the best one for you.

Hopefully, this list has cleared the fog from the path toward your new quiet blender.

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