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Choosing an air purifier can be a confusing business. Once you realize how many makes and models there are out there, all with different features, aesthetics, intended uses and costs it can be a bit of a chore. That’s why we’ve narrowed down on the best air purifiers out there so you can get a straight-forward but thorough look at how it will function and what you can expect as a user.

The machine in question here is the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier. A pretty pricey model with extremely positive ratings and a comprehensive cleaning system. There are two different sizes to choose from, the SPA-700 which caters to rooms up to 700 square feet, and the SPA-780 which caters to 815 square feet. For this review, we are focusing on the SPA-700, but they are pretty much the same.

Does the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier produce ozone? What kind of filters does it have? Is it good for pets, dust, mold, smoke and odors? Is it worth the price?

Answers ahead…

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What Is Interesting About the Rabbit Air Minusa2?

First of all, let’s get the cost out of the way – it is expensive. It’s definitely not a whim purchase. As we get deeper into this air purifier, however, I think the cost will be proven to be totally justified. Now that that’s out of the way, what’s interesting about this gadget?

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier - Stylish, Efficient and Energy Star (SPA-700A, White, Germ Defense)

6-stage filtration: the Rabbit Air Minusa2 doesn’t skimp on filtration. It has a pre-filter for the largest particles, a medium filter for littler ones such as mold spores, HEPA filter for the tiniest particles, a customized filter of your choice, an activated carbon filter for odors, and finally a negative ion generator. The customized filter choices are germ defense, toxin absorber, pet allergy, and odor remover. More on those to come!

It has an ionizer, which can be switched off: the ionizer is not to everyone’s taste. The purpose of the ionizer is to send out negative ions which are claimed to be beneficial for overall physical and mental health. They also stick themselves onto airborne allergens and particles, making them larger, heavier and easier for the air purifier filters to catch.

Other interesting tidbits:

  • Rabbit Air sells artistic panels to cover your air purifier, including art from Van Gogh and Claude Monet
  • The Rabbit Air Minusa2 can be mounted on the wall like a TV, great for saving space in small rooms or apartments

What Do Other Customers and Reviews Say?

The ratios between 5-star reviews and 1-star reviews are pretty great for the Rabbit Air Minusa2 Air Purifier. But why were these ratings awarded? What was so impressive, and what was so abominable for the 2%? 


Reduces odors: happy customers have experienced a major reduction in household odors.

Reduces allergy symptoms: impressively, there are many comments in the 5-star review sections raving about how this air purifier heavily reduces pet, seasonal and asthma-related allergy symptoms. That’s what we like to hear.

Attractive and well-designed: the attractive aesthetic and design features are widely-praised in the positive comment sections.

Worth the price: even though the price is pretty high, many customers have specifically mentioned that it’s totally worth the cost. They found the positive effect it had on allergy symptoms and odor to be well worth the cash.


Replacement filters too expensive: the filters must be replaced, which means purchases, which means extra cost. For some customers, this is a real con and takes away from the positives of the machine’s abilities.

Is It Good for Asthma and Allergy?

Yes. It’s great at reducing allergy symptoms and asthma-triggering allergens. This is proven by many happy customers with dryer noses, less eye redness, and sounder sleeps. This is due to the multiple filters. The HEPA filter is, of course, great at catching the smallest allergens such as mold and pet dander. The HEPA filter with this air purifier is special; it is treated with an anti-microbial layer to kill bugs such as bacteria and mold.

If pet allergies are your main concern, you can opt for the Pet Allergy Filter for your choice of customized filter. This will give you extra protection against pet-related allergens. The pre-filter and medium filter are also there to make sure larger particles are caught before they fly up your nose or into your lungs.

Is It Good for Cigarette Smoke?

Interestingly, there are quite a few comments in the review section stating that while this air purifier works wonders for pet odors, general odors, and allergens, it isn’t so effective for cigarette smoke. It’s hard to tell how much cigarette smoke the reviewers are referring to, so I can’t take the reviews as gospel.

However, other reviews have mentioned that light cigarette smoke and its accompanying odors are reduced significantly, if not removed completely. The activated carbon filter is there to help with odors, and the HEPA filter should help with smoke particles.

What are the Technical Specifications?


Recommended Room Area up to 700 square feet for normal residential usage, 350 square feet for allergy sufferers 
Clean Air Delivery Rate? (CADR)  pollen – 201, dust – 200, smoke – 193 
Special Features/Settings: 
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Six filters including a customized filter choice
  • Light sensor senses darkness and switches to Sleep Mode. Adjusts back to higher speeds when light increases
  • Remote control
  • 5 fan speeds: silent, low, medium, high, turbo
  • Pollen mode indicator: uses the air quality filter to assess the air for pollen allergens and adjusts the speed accordingly
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Auto mode indicator: uses the air quality indicator to read the air and change the fan speed automatically
  • Ion indicator: lets you know when the ionizer is on
  • Air Quality Indicator: uses colors to show you the quality of the air (blue, purple, light purple, red)
  • Sleep mode indicator: tells you when the sleep mode is being used
  • Mood light button: used to turn the mood light on or off
Filter Type: pre-filter, medium filter, HEPA filter with anti-microbial treatment, activated charcoal filter, negative ion generator, customized filter of your choice 
Energy Usage 7 – 47 watts, energy star rated 
Color white, with black accents 
Noise Level (Db) from 20.8 to 45.6 Db

Dimensions & Weight

Size 20.25 x 21.4 x 7 inches 
Weight 19.4 lbs 

How do you use it?

It’s an easy machine to use, once you set it up. When you first take it home, you need to remove the front cover and take all of the filters out of the unit, as they will be covered in plastic. Take all of the plastic off the filters, discard it, then pop the filters back into the unit. Pop the cover back onto the unit, and you’re ready to find a spot for it. Either set it up on the ground or mount it to the wall, just make sure there’s plenty of space around the unit.

To operate the air purifier, use the “Mode” button to choose your mode (i.e. Pollen or Auto). You can use the speed button to manually change the fan speeds if you don’t want to use the auto mode. Then you basically just leave the unit to do its thing, either auto or manual, and keep an eye on the filter light. Change the filters at least once a year, and give the pre-filter a good clean every couple of months.

When Does the Rabbit Air Minusa2 Go Into Sleep Mode?

When the room gets dark (i.e. watching movies or simply turning off the lights), the unit will switch to Sleep Mode when set to Auto. Some people do find this annoying as they’d like to utilize the Auto Mode without having the Sleep Mode switch on. To avoid this, you have to switch the unit to Manual Mode.

How Do You Clean It?

The only filter you can clean is the pre-filter, otherwise, the filters cannot be cleaned. The pre-filter is easy to clean, you just have to give it a quick once-over with a vacuum cleaner. If it still looks pretty grubby, you can soak it in warm, plain water and leave it to dry for at least 12 hours.

You’re also required to clean the particle sensor every 3 to 6 months. This is easy; you just open the cover and use a damp cotton bud to clean the sensor. You can also clean the air vents with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment, soft cloth, or duster.

To clean the outside of the unit itself, just give it a good wipe with a microfibre cloth.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs Alen Breathesmart

  • The Alen Breathesmart is pretty similar to the Rabbit Air Minusa2 in price, with the Alen ever so slightly more expensive
  • The Alen Breathesmart has a larger recommended room area than the Rabbit Air, at 1100 square feet on max speed, and 690 on the quiet mode
  • The Alen Breathesmart has an ionizer which can be switched off, just like the Rabbit Air
  • Both air purifiers have an auto mode with smart sensors to assess the air quality and change the fan speeds accordingly
  • The Alen Breathesmart has a choice of filter for different needs i.e. pet allergens
  • The Alen Breathesmart has fewer filters than the Rabbit Air which has 6, the Alen has 3 (ionizer, pre-filter, and custom filter)
  • Both of these air purifiers have reasonably expensive filters to replace each year, with very little difference between the annual cost

Bottom Line

I would go for the Rabbit AIr Minusa2 over the Alen Breathesmart, simply because it has more filters for extra protection against odors and allergens. It has an activated charcoal filter, which the Alen doesn’t have, unless you opt to use the FreshPlus filter.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs Blueair Classic 203 Slim HEPASilent 

  • The Blueair 203 is suited to smaller rooms, up to 300 square feet, (the Rabbit Air is suited to rooms up to 700 square feet)
  • The Blueair 203 does not have an air quality indicator and does not automatically adjust fan speeds like the Rabbit Air
  • The Blueair 203 has 3 fan speeds, the Rabbit Air has 5
  • The Blueair 203 has 4 filters (HEPA, particle filter, carbon filter, and ionizer), the Rabbit Air has 6 filters
  • The Blueair 203 and the Rabbit Air both have a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and an ionizer
  • The Blueair 203 is a lot cheaper than the Rabbit Air, depending on where and when you purchase it

Bottom Line

Since the Rabbit Air Minusa2 air purifier is more comprehensive and offers versatility, I would choose it over the Blueair 203.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs Coway Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH

  • The Coway has a recommended room area of 360 square feet, the Rabbit Air is suitable for rooms up to 700 square feet
  • The Coway has 4 fan speeds, including eco, the Rabbit Air has 5 fan speeds
  • Both the Coway and the Rabbit Air have an air quality indicator and an auto mode which adjusts the fan speed according to the air quality
  • The filtration systems are similar, they both have a pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter, and an ionizer. However, the Rabbit Air has the option of a customized filter, and it has a medium filter, neither of which the Coway has (Coway has 4 filters, Rabbit Air has 6)
  • The Coway is smaller than the Rabbit Air, and more modern looking
  • The Coway is far cheaper than the Rabbit Air, around half the price, give or take

Bottom Line

Depends on room size, budget, and aesthetic preference. Rabbit Air has more filters, but it is more expensive, and a little less attractive than the Coway. They’re both highly rated.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 Air Purifier 

  • The Dyson HP02 is entirely different in design and aesthetic, it has a small, ventilated base and an oval-shaped ring at the top. It is all silver. The Rabbit Air is square, white, and more traditional looking.
  • The Dyson acts as a cooler and a heater as well as an air purifier, the Rabbit Air does not, it is just an air purifier
  • Both the Dyson and the Rabbit Air have an air quality indicator and auto function which changes the fan speed according to air quality
  • The Dyson is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled by the voice by using Amazon Echo, the Rabbit Air does not have such features
  • Both have an auto-sleep mode, triggered by a light sensor
  • Both have HEPA filtration (the Dyson HEPA filter is more sophisticated, but they do the same job)
  • Both have activated carbon filters for odors
  • The Dyson does not have an ionizer, the Rabbit Air does
  • The Dyson is overall a more modern, sophisticated machine in design and technology
  • They are similar in price, the Rabbit Air perhaps a fraction more expensive, but not much

Bottom Line

Despite the Dyson HP02 looking flashier and having more advanced technology, I think the Rabbit Air would do a better job at purifying the air. The Rabbit Air has far better reviews too.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs IQair Atem Personal Air Purifier 

  • The IQair Atem Personal Air Purifier is a small, rounded machine designed for small spaces such as offices and bedrooms. The Rabbit Air is for larger areas up to 700 square feet
  • The IQair HEPA filter is the “hyperHEPA” filter, and the Rabbit Air HEPA filter is the BioGS HEPA filter which has been treated with an antimicrobial substance to kill bugs. They’re both very effective, but the IQ air doesn’t have an antimicrobial treatment
  • The IQair can be connected to the Atem app so you can control it remotely, and activate the “proximity sensor” so the machine switches off when no one is nearby
  • The Rabbit Air has more filters

Bottom Line

Two vastly different air purifiers. If you need a small, portable air purifier to take with you from the office, to home, and on travels, then the IQair is an option, but be aware that it is pretty expensive for the size. The Rabbit Air is a better all-round air purifier for the home, with more features and more comprehensive filtration.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 Vs Rabbit Air Biogs 2.0 Ultra Quiet

  • Both have an air quality sensor and an auto mode
  • Both have an ionizer which can be switched off
  • The Biogs 2.0 is for rooms up to 550 square feet, the Minusa2 is for rooms up to 700 square feet
  • Both have 5 fan speeds
  • The Biogs 2.0 has 4 (pre-filter, BioGS HEPA filter, charcoal filter, ionizer), The Minusa2 has 6 filters
  • The Biogs 2.0 is cheaper than the Minusa2

Bottom Line

They’re both equally highly rated, but the Minusa2 has more filters. To me, the Biogs 2.0 is more attractive, and it is cheaper. They’re both great, so pick the one that fits with your needs (i.e. budget and room size).

What is the Cost of Replacement Filters and Where to Get Them?

The replacement filters are pretty expensive for a set of 4 filters. You can find them on Amazon or on the Rabbit Air website.

How Often do Filters Need to be Changed and Can’t They Just Be Cleaned?

Rabbit Air recommends changing the filters every 12 months.

Only the pre-filter can be washed and reused. All the other filters (the medium filter, BioGS HEPA filter, activated carbon feature, and your chosen custom filter) must be replaced and are NOT washable.

Are There Other Replacement Parts, and Where Do I Buy Them?

Apart from the filter replacements, there are no other replacement parts to purchase online. If you come across an issue with a part, the best thing to do is contact the manufacturer and use your warranty to get the issue sorted.

How Loud Is It?

The lower modes are very quiet and suitable for quiet times and sleeping. The Turbo mode is audible, but most customers find it completely fine unless they’re trying to sleep. Overall, it’s pretty quiet with the odd hum and “white noise” on higher speed levels.

What’s the Warranty?

5-year warranty

Can I Buy a Refurbished One?

As of now, there are no certified refurbished options on Amazon.

Verdict: Is This Air Purifier for You?

If you have the budget to reach the price of the Rabbit Air Minusa2, then yes, I would definitely put it high on your list of considerations. It’s a comprehensive air purifier with thorough filtration and great features such as auto setting, turbo speed, and light sensors.

It has been well-received by customers, proving to be an effective air purifier. Take into account your room size, budget, and aesthetic preferences, and see if the Rabbit Air Minusa2 Air Purifier matches.

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