The Vitamix 750 is one of those blenders that I had heard a lot about, but never got my hands on. It has been around for a few years but is still the talk of the blender world today. I finally got to to try one out myself for the first time when the holiday rental I stayed in in London had one tucked away in the kitchen cupboard. Win!

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In short, the Vitamix pro 750 is an incredible machine. It is the most “feature heavy” Vitamix blender outside of the latest Ascent range. The ones that “outranked” it only did so because they are cheaper but give away some of the conveniences and functionality of the 750.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container

Here’s what you get when you buy the Vitamix Pro 750:

  • 2.2 horsepower motor
  • 64oz (or 1818mls) glass blending jug with lid that has a removable plug to allow you to add ingredients without removing the lid
  • Stainless steel laser cut blades
  • Ten speeds and pulse control
  • Pre-Programmed Settings for “walk away” convenience and consistency.
  • Vitamix 750 recipes in print format
  • 7-year warranty

What can you make with the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender?

The Vitamix 750 Pro is an extremely powerful blender and there for super versatile for a remarkable range of things you might want to do in the kitchen.  Here is a taste of just some of the delicious things you can expect to make with this blender:

  • Smoothies
  • Slush puppies and snow cones
  • Ice based cocktails
  • Vegetable juices
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Salad dressings
  • Hot and Cold Soups
  • Nut butters
  • Baby foods
  • Whole food soups and smoothies

The main functions of the Vitamix Professional 750 are as follows:

  • Puree
  • Chop
  • Blend
  • Cream
  • Liquify
  • Beat
  • Heat

My Vitamix 750 review

Ok now you have an overview of the technical functions of this blender, here is a bit more detail based on my personal experience and that of the hundreds of Vitamix fans around the world.

I have used this blender myself, but only a few times during my vacation so this overview is given based on my experience in conjunction with the hundreds of reviews I’ve read during my research. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the blender and had a great experience, but I suspect that you really don’t want to end up spending your hard-earned money on a blender based on the few smoothies I made in holiday-mode.

There are hundreds of user reviews on the Vitamix online across more websites than you can count, so I was able to find plenty of good quality information on which to base this summary for you. The vast majority of the reviews are very positive with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

What is the 750 Vitamix Blender good at?

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Clip on lid – the lid of this blender is thick and sturdy and clips down firmly in place. This gave people the confidence to use it even for hot food. I once had a blender that would occasionally pop clear off the blender from the pressure of the steam build up whenever I tried to use it for hot foods. You can rest assured that the 750 will not do that to you. Hot soups to keep you warm in winter will be a no brainer!

Handles big chunks of food well – this sheer power behind this blender means it has no problem handling large chunks of food even when raw. With many other blenders, you’ll find yourself having to cut up the food beforehand to stop the blades from getting stuck but that isn’t an issue with the 750 model, saving you both food prep and blend time. I’ve made smoothies with whole apples, frozen bananas and even a raw carrot and they all were blitzed to a pulp no worries.

Easy and quick to clean – unfortunately, the 750 blender jug and lid are not dishwasher-friendly, but you can wash it very easily by putting some warm water in it with a drop of detergent and turning it on. Some friends of mine that have one sometimes give it a little soak with some apple cider vinegar to freshen it up from time to time. There are no nooks and crannies where food can hide from this kind of cleaning. Many other blenders have little recesses where the handle joins the jug or under the blade where food can build up this makes cleaning them tricky. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the 750.

Quiet-ish – Despite the very powerful motor, this is not a noisy blender. Now I know, from unfortunate experience, it will wake someone up (whoopsie!), but it is quieter than most other blenders I’ve used.

Makes fantastic nut butter – several users were so pleased with the nut butter that this blender produced that they made a special mention of it in their reviews. Nowadays store-bought nut butters are often so jammed full of salt, thickeners and who knows what else so its a no-brainer to blend up some simple but delicious almond, cashew or peanut butter for you to use in smoothies, on fresh bread or even by the spoonful if you’re having one of those days.

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Green smoothies made easy – this blender handles heavy greens exceptionally well. It does not shred the leaves leaving gritty bits in your smoothie, rather it pulverizes them, which produces a much smoother result than many other blenders do. I always throw in a handful of spinach and kale into my smoothies and never saw a trace of them in the drink.

Helpful customer support staff – most people reported very favorable experiences with Vitamix customer support. I haven’t had to contact them personally but read positive reviews about their helpline on several websites.

The Scoop on Vitamix 750 Presets

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One big selling point with the 750 model is the preset programs. Not all Vitamix blenders come with this feature so it’s been a big hit with 750 users. There is the option to utilize five pre-programmed blend settings so you can take the guesswork out of blending your favorite dessert, smoothie or soup and simply select the setting you need, flick the switch and you can walk away and the blender will go through the motions.

You can be sure you’ll receive consistent results with this feature especially if you’re a bit of a creature of habit and have your daily favorites.

The 750 comes with 5 programs: frozen, smoothie, soup, puree and clean. Each set has been designed to have the right combination of speed (power) and time for that particular food.

The only thing to note with this feature is that each set has a fixed power/speed level and blending time so it will do the same amount of work whether you’re trying to blend 2 cups worth of smoothie or 5. However, this might not be a problem for the average user as the settings are no doubt based around your average soup, smoothie, puree, etc.

Vitamix 750 Green Smoothie Guide

Many Vitamix users are also green smoothie converts. Many of my friends who own Vitamix blenders started their blender journey purely due to their search for the perfect green smoothie.

Jumping into the smoothie game might seem a bit daunting at first especially if you’re not someone who regularly deals with flax and kale and all things natural and green. Here are some simple steps putting together a delicious Vitamix 750 green smoothie in no time.

Liquid Base: Coconut Water or Milk / Milk (almond, rice, cows etc) / Water /Green Tea

Greens: Spinach / Kale / Spirulina / Cucumber / Swiss Chard

Fruits: Berries / Banana / Melon / Peaches / Orange / Grapefruit / Apples / Pears

Healthy Fats: Coconut Oil / Avocado

Protein: Nut butters (peanut, cashew, almond) / Greek yoghurt / Protein or Hemp Powder

Extras: Flaxseed / Chia seeds / Cinnamon / Cacao / Maca Powder

My favorite green smoothie combo is: frozen banana (makes an ice cream-ey texture), spinach, kale, a tablespoon of organic (nothing-added) peanut butter, a handful of berries, teaspoon of cacao and some almond milk.

The combinations are endless within the green smoothie category so get ready to get obsessed once your shiny new 750 arrives on your countertop.

Vitamix 750 Juicing: Is It Possible?

The Vitamix brand is known for soups, smoothies and purees but there is a way to claim back some kitchen space and get rid of your juicer too.

Your Vitamix can be used as a juicer by blending your usual ingredients smoothie-style and straining out the pulp. You’ll find all kinds of suggestions online on what to use for straining – some weirder than others. You can grab a muslin, cheesecloth, nut milk bag or even women’s stockings/tights and squeeze the smoothie pulp through to produce your fresh juice.

Then as an added benefit, you can use the remaining pulp for so many different things, including:

  • Soup broth
  • Veggie patties
  • Healthy baked goods (muffins, cookies etc)
  • Veggie chips
  • Smoothies
  • Garden compost
  • Sauces for pasta and lasagna

What is the best practical Vitamix recipe book to use with this blender?

When you purchase the Vitamix 750, it actually already comes with a full-color cookbook as well as an instructional DVD and Getting Started Guide. In the Vitamix website, you can also access a database of recipes, from smoothies, nut butters, and soups to appetizers, purees, and desserts. You get seasonal recipes and recipes by dietary interest, meal type, difficulty level, and even product series.

While you can always purchase other recipe books, it’s best to access recipes from these as the Vitamix 750 is already optimized for them.

The Vitamix 750’s only con: Black Specks?

A handful of users noticed “black specks” in their smoothies. So… is it an issue?

Reviewing the discussions about this from various conversations around the web, it’s hard to determine whether this is due to the fact that some users did not follow the instructions to clean the blender by running hot water and detergent through it several times.

A few people who noticed this said they had cleaned the machine, but that didn’t solve the problem. But others – seemingly the majority – found the opposite. The issue appears to be rare and what’s cool is that despite not being able to determine the cause of the issue, Vitamix was willing to replace the jug for the customer regardless.

UPDATE June 2015 – Reports from customers regarding black flecks have been very rare and constantly decreasing in the past few months, another proof of Vitamix’ top notch customer support and their willingness to keep making their products better and better.

How does the professional series 750 compare to other Vitamix blenders?

Before I summarise what the 750 has to offer here are some comparisons between this model and a few other Vitamix blenders. I’ve included this section because I see so many requests from readers online who for comparisons of two blenders side by side. Without that comparison all the features can seem to blend (excuse the pun) into one and make the decision all the more confusing. Anyway, here are a couple of comparisons of the Vitamix 750 Professional and similar spec blenders:

The Vitamix 750 vs. 7500

On the surface, these blenders seem very similar. Both the Vitamix 7500 and 750 have the same 2.2 HP motor, same capacity, and they both have virtually the same footprint. However, there are some differences. The 7500 is available in three colors whereas the 750 is only available in the brushed stainless steel.

The 7500 is about $100 cheaper than the 750 depending on where you purchase it from. However, before you rush out and buy the 7500 for the extra change in your pocket you need to consider the big difference between the two, the programmable presets. Both blenders have ten variable speeds, pulse and constant settings but the 750 brings to the table five preset programmes.

This allows you to put something in the 750 and walk away. You can tell it to puree something, the sensor works out when that consistency has been reached and turns off automatically. If time is of the essence when it comes to your food prep than that little bit extra will no doubt be worth it in the long run.

The Vitamix 750 vs. 5200

The 5200 has a solid 2.0 hp motor, but the 750 has a more powerful 2.2 hp motor. In addition, the 750 has a more efficient cooling function than the 5200, so it can blend harder for longer. The 750 also has slightly better sound insulation than the 5200.

Both blenders have a 64oz carafe, but the container on the 750 is slightly wider and, therefore, shorter than the 5200 which might be important to you if you’re conscious of space. The wider design of the 750 means there is less need to keep pausing the machine to push the food down because in the wider jug the food falls back onto the blades more easily. A few customers have reported minor physical injuries with excessive use of the tamper on the 5200 due to its narrow container. This is solved with the 750; the wider base helps the food get picked up more easily and the longer blades also create a very powerful vortex which does its job perfectly.

The 750 blades have a 4-inch spread, but the older 5200 has just 3-inch blades. The 750 has presets, but the 5200 does not. However, both have the standard variable speeds you can expect from all Vitamix models.

vs E320

Here you’re comparing a professional model to an entry-level one, so the differences aren’t surprising. The 750 is quieter, slightly more powerful, and has all the preset programs, where the E320 has none. Removing all those features lets the E320 sell for hundreds of dollars less, as you might expect.

vs E310

Compared to the 750, the Vitamix E310 has no preset functions, a reduced warranty, it’s louder and slightly less powerful. On top of that, it only has a 48oz container. You get an E310 if you want a starter Vitamix on a budget.


Vitamix 750 vs Ninja Ultima

As part of the professional series, the Vitamix 750 is a really great blender with features that make it better than previous ones. These features include the pre-programmed settings, the low-profile jar that can fit under cabinets, and the powerful motor.

Ninja Ultima is a more affordable alternative than Vitamix, but the standard Ninja Professional Blender only has 3 speeds to choose from. The 72-oz. container is also quite bulky, and will definitely not fit under your kitchen cabinet. Even Ninja Ultima’s Mega Kitchen system only has 4 speeds, even if it comes with many other blender containers that are pretty handy.

Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix 300

The Vitamix 300 is already part of the pro series, but the 750 has some pretty amazing features that you can’t find in the 300. This is also why it costs a bit more. Both blenders have a 2.2 HP motor, so in terms of handling tough blending jobs they’re pretty even.

However, the Vitamix 750 makes life even easier for you with five great functions. You don’t have to fiddle with the knob and figure out what speed setting to choose, because you can simply pick from the options of smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees, and the self-cleaning mode. With the Vitamix 300 you only get 10 variable speeds and a pulse function.

Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix 780

Both the Vitamix 750 and 780 are part of the professional series, but the Vitamix 780 is extra special because it’s the only blender with a touchscreen display. From the looks alone, the Vitamix 780 is really sleek and looks very high-tech. There are no knobs sticking out, and the touchscreen display is made of scratch-proof hardened glass.

They are similar in that they both have the same 2.2 horsepower motor that’s so much more powerful but also quieter than early models. Both have the same 64-oz. low profile container that can fit under most cabinets, with a 6-foot power cord and weighing 12.5 pounds. For both, you also get 5 pre-programmed settings in addition to the 10 variable speed settings that you can pick from.

Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 has 5 pre-programmed settings to help you create your favorite recipes. Whether you want to make smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, or purees, you simply have to turn the knob and pick the setting you want. This is in addition to the self-cleaning mode and the 10 speed settings that are available.

The Vitamix 5300, on the other hand, only comes with the 10 settings and no pre-programmed ones. Both have a pulse feature and a low-profile 64-ounce container. For the Vitamix 750, the container is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester. It also comes with new features like soft-grip controls, vibration dampening, and an illuminated panel.

Where Can I Buy the Vitamix 750 Blender?

It is a very versatile blender, and as I said earlier, it is still very popular even as the blender market has been flooded with more and more options in the era of green smoothies and almond butter. The web is where you will find the majority of the Vitamix 750 best price deals.

At the end of the article, I’ll provide you with a link to a very good Amazon retailer who still stocks this machine and sells it for a really reasonable price. Alternatively, you can look out for a Vitamix 750 sale but you should know that the Amazon listing is already being sold at a big discount.

Does Amazon ship it with a tamper?  

The Vitamix 750 already comes with a tamper that you can use to help process mixtures that are frozen or thick. This tamper fits the low-profile container that the 750 comes with. Since it comes in the box, you’ll get it even if you buy from Amazon.

Even if this is the case, some people want to buy an additional tamper that’s more durable, for added force. This is perfectly fine as well.

Can you get a Vitamix 750 at Macys?

Yes, you can buy the Vitamix 750 from Macys and it’s available in the brushed stell.

Macy’s price is $649.98, and the blender usually ships within 5 days. It is also possible to order the Vitamix 750 from Macy’s and pick it up from your local store. This service is available from most of the firm’s large stores.

What made me go for Amazon though, is the wider range of models. Amazon is selling it for the same price BUT they have it in a range of different colours and packages. Macy’s is a bit limited in my opinion. On Amazon, it is also possible to buy the Vitamix 750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set which is possibly the ultimate Vitamix 750 package available.

The difference between the three retailers returns service

Regardless, of which retailer you buy your blender from you are covered by the Vitamix warranty. If your blender breaks while under warranty, you can get it fixed by Vitamix irrespective of the retailer.

However, if you want to return your blender for any other reason it is the retailer’s returns policy that governs how things work. Macy’s has a no quibble and free returns service. You can use the mail, or take it back to one of their stores.

With Amazon, you can choose how to return your product. It is possible to have it picked up by a courier or take it to the post office using the Amazon return label. Who pays for the shipping costs depends on the reason for return. Check the terms on before you purchase.

Where do I find the Vitamix 750 at the best price?

I’m sure you can take away from this article that the Vitamix Professional Series 750 is a good blender with excellent reviews. It can do practically anything and do it very well. There are very few issues with this model and any problems that have been mentioned seemed to be very rare and random experiences.

The 7-year warranty and Vitamix’s reputation for dealing with issues fairly and promptly make this blender fantastic value for money. I say this because while it is not cheap when you factor that price across seven years it is no more expensive than many inferior blenders you’ll replace over and over again.

If you want to buy the Vitamix 750 pro blender for the best price, you usually can do so on Amazon. Prices on Amazon change daily, therefore, it’s a good idea to check directly. This link will take you there:

Click Here to See the Vitamix 750 on Amazon

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