Which Is the Best Vitamix to Buy in 2017? Here’s My “Don’t Argue” Top 3

My name’s Liz, and it may sound bold but… I know exactly where your life is at right now.

The feeling’s been bubbling away for a while, and now you’re finally sure. This is the year… this is the month… you’re finally going to buy a damn Vitamix!

That’s both a solution and a problem because there are so many of them now, you need to work out which one to buy.

I had the same feeling. That was 6 years ago now.

At a friend’s house, they made me a green smoothie in what seemed like seconds. They could throw whole strawberries & whole apples into the thing (seeds and all!), and out came health heaven.

On this page, I’m going to tell you what I feel confident is the best-value-for-money Vitamix you can buy, not just because I’m a Vitamix owner…

But because for the last few years, I’ve obsessively reviewed blenders and juicers for this website. I’ve written about every Vitamix that exists, even the ones that don’t exist (some just have different model names despite being the same machine!).

What I’m about to tell you is the “don’t argue with me” definitive list of the best Vitamixes for a person to buy for their first time, in 2017.

That is based on:

  • What you get for your money
  • Average customer experience & frequency of complaints
  • Noise and versatility

Got that? Here’s a table of contents if you want to do a quick skip, otherwise keep scrolling to see number 1 on the list.

Okay, here goes. Starting from the top:

1. Vitamix 5300 (Certified Refurbished)

I know what you’re thinking. Refurbished?! What does THAT mean? It’s second-hand? Someone owned it before??

Just stop. I’m going to explain to you why those things either aren’t true or don’t matter AND…

Why choosing this as your first Vitamix can (and prices can vary slightly, so this isn’t definitive down to the dollar) save you anywhere from $120 – $250 compared to the other Vitamixes on this list.

Spend hundreds of dollars LESS for your Vitamix than you thought you had to… Listening now?

What’s Refurbished?

Mostly, it’s when Vitamix has a test model, a store sample, a demo machine, or something else, that they realize they can send back to the factory, service, clean, and sell again as new, and make money on.

A 5300 Refurbished is an “as new” machine. The famous Vitamix technicians have re-tested it, reconditioned it, re-inspected it, repackaged it.

Here’s a guy unboxing one, to show you that what you take out of the box is just like if you bought one of the more expensive ones.

Want Further Proof That It’s Really “As New?”

Vitamix still offers a five-year warranty on the machine. If it fails within five years, they’ve got your back. Would they do that on a “second-hand” machine? Or one they expected to be less than new?

I could go on, but I hope you’ll believe me when I say there’s no meaningful sense in which you’re getting something less than a new machine here.

But It’s Not Just the Price

It’s more than the cheapness, however.

The certified refurbished 5300 comes with the low profile container (important because it fits under your bench top easier AND has more space between the blades and the container edge, making it easier to clean), same as the more expensive option 2 on our list.

It comes with the same 2.2HP motor as the more expensive option 2 on our list.

And it comes with the same controls as the more expensive option 2 on the list: 10 speeds plus pulse feature.

There are a couple of things it doesn’t have, which I’ll cover as I discuss number 2, but unless those things are really important to you, they aren’t worth the huge jump up in price.

People have told me that getting the 5300 refurbished felt like a cheat. HOW could THAT Vitamix cost so much less? My guess is you will feel the same.

Click Here to See the Vitamix 5300 on Amazon

2. Vitamix 7500

The reasons you would consider the Vitamix 7500 instead of the 5300 refurbished are:

a) You find the idea of “refurbished” unappealing, even despite what I said above.

b) You’re fine with a slightly higher price.

c) You really REALLY don’t like loud noises.

On the official Vitamix site, the 7500 usually retails at more than $100 higher than the 5300 refurbished (Note: Amazon’s price changes sometimes, and for the most current price, you have to click here).

So what are you paying that extra money for here? Answer: a quieter blender with two years extra on the warranty.

Next-Generation Motor?

The 7500 has the “next-generation” motor, which has “vibration-dampening and enhanced air flow management” that is claimed to reduce the noise level by 40%… even though I can’t confirm where that number came from. It’s not from Vitamix themselves, so I take it with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, people do notice that this Vitamix (with the next-generation motor) is quieter, as it’s consistently mentioned in reviews.

Some people claim the efficiency of the next-generation motor is higher (like it will produce your juice, smoothie, peanut butter, or whatever at a faster rate), but I can’t confirm this fact, and it’s not plausible in light of the fact that the motor is the same size in both… 2.2HP.

Is the 5300 (And All Vitamixes With the Older Motor) “Loud?”

Loud is subjective. As I’ve written elsewhere, I’ve never been annoyed or put out by the sound, even with two babies now in our house (which have come on to the scene SINCE our Vitamix purchase), but if someone else felt differently, I would understand.

You’re not going to find the 7500 “quiet” either. It’s still a blender and it’s still pulverizing your food in the blink of an eye… It will make a sound. You’ll just find the 7500 to make less sound.

And for years and years of use… years and years of a bit less noise, the extra spend is worth it for a lot of people.

Last Thing: Let’s Talk About Teflon (Particles, That Is)

Up until 2016, a handful of reviewers of the 7500 on Amazon had noticed this issue with tiny particles of Teflon showing up in the bottom of their blenders.

It was a random thing that happened to one in every however many of this machine, and understandably, customers who had it happen, despite being few in number, were pretty upset. Vitamix was replacing the containers for people, but still… it’s not what you want when you cough up a big chunk of dough for a blender.

Vitamix changed something in 2016. We can’t find any reports of these Teflon particles from 2016 onward. Suffice it to say, if you see the chat about that on Amazon, note the date of it. You’ll see the dates are way back, and that should put your mind at ease.

Click Here to See the Vitamix 7500 on Amazon

3. Vitamix 750 Professional

Straight up: The Vitamix 750 will cost you about another $100 again, according to the Vitamix website (but again, prices on Amazon vary, and you have to click here to see today’s price).

Why would anyone upgrade ANOTHER $100 in price? Because…

a) You want preprogrammed settings and, as Vitamix says, “walk-away convenience.” More on that shortly.

b) You really, really, REALLY, don’t like noise.

That’s it. If those things are worth an extra $100 to you, then the Vitamix 750 is your best bet.

Let me explain this more clearly, because the preprogrammed settings mean a couple of important things, practically speaking.

Preprogrammed Settings

They mean you can press the button and walk away, certain of what will be there when you get back.

If you make your smoothies/dinners/whatever in a hurry, and you really value the ability to multi-task in the kitchen, then – again, extrapolated over years of use – you’ll probably love this Vitamix.

Also, if you value consistency… that is, the pleasure of getting exactly that same perfect smoothie/butter or whatever else, every time, you’ll also love this Vitamix.

Without preprogrammed settings, you have a bit more experimentation to do, and you can’t be confident of an identical output every day. For many people, that doesn’t matter, but as the name states, the 750 is made for professionals who need consistency because they’re selling the product that comes out of their Vitamix.

The Noise Thing Again

Vitamix states that the 750 has its “quietest motor ever.” This has to mean that it’s quieter than the 7500.

This claim stands up to plausibility too, because the 750 is a “pro” model, meant for commercial premises where noise levels among chatting customers are paramount.

But I haven’t found a meaningful comparison of the decibel output of each of these models, and there’s nothing about the difference in the motor or the casing that suggests it should create SO much less noise (different to the 5300 and 7500, where there was a huge upgrade in motor and casing).

So I say, you buy a 750 for the convenience of preprogrammed settings and place a decent bet on further noise reduction.

Does that make sense?

That’s it.

Click Here to See the Vitamix 750 on Amazon

Models That Didn’t Make My Top 3

There’s nothing wrong with them as machines, but just so you know, a couple that didn’t make my top 3 are:

a) The Vitamix 5200

It’s not a bad machine at all. In fact, this is the model I have! It’s just that, since I purchased mine 6 years ago, Vitamixes have gotten so much better.

For almost the same price as the 7500, the 5200 has the old motor, and the taller, less convenient, less easily cleaned container.

b) The Vitamix 1891 Standard (Refurbished)

For almost the same price, you can get the 5300 refurbished, which has the low profile container and the newer design.

c) The Vitamix 780

This is the newest Vitamix you can get. Honestly, this would have been number 4 on my list.

It looks amazing, that’s for sure.

It asks you to jump up in price again (about another $80, depending on the day) for a cool touch screen display, preprogrammed settings, AND speed control (rather than one or the other), a newer, supposedly quieter AGAIN motor and… that’s about it.

If you’re someone who wants the best of the best, the 780 is what you’d buy.

But overall, and as yet, I can’t see a good argument for why that makes it better value than our number 2 or 3.

d) The Vitamix 6300


It’s an old model, discontinued by Vitamix themselves (not because of any fault, just because it was superseded, it seems), and even though you can still buy a 6300 on Amazon, it’s (at the time of writing) more expensive and an older model than the Vitamix 7500, which is our number 2.

e) The Vitamix S30 or S50

These are really cool little machines that are convenient and versatile. If all you’re making is your morning smoothie, you’ll still be really happy with these.

But they’re only a tiny bit cheaper than the 5300 refurbished! For a tiny jump up in price, you might as well get all the features and all the extra power.


That’s it… my “don’t argue with me” guide to Vitamix for 2017 is complete.

To sum it up in three sentences:

  1. If you want absolute best value for money, get a 5300 refurbished.
  2. If you want great value but a quieter motor and two years of extra warranty, get a 7500.
  3. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for perfect consistency and added convenience, get a 750.

There’s a tiny bit more to say that could help your decision-making, like a breakdown of all the options for each Vitamix (dry containers, super packages, which cookbook?!), but I might leave that for another post.

I hope this helps you make your decision. If you have any other questions, just ask me here in the comments!

Happy blending 🙂

Which Is the Best Vitamix to Buy? Here’s My “Don't Argue” Top 3
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Which Is the Best Vitamix to Buy? Here’s My “Don't Argue” Top 3
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22 Comments Which Is the Best Vitamix to Buy in 2017? Here’s My “Don’t Argue” Top 3

  1. Allyson

    Thank you so much for your comprehensive reviews and information. I just ordered a refurbished 5300. I’m soo excited for it to arrive.

  2. Marianne

    Thank you for your reviews! I ended up going with a refurbished model that says it “may be marked as a 750 pro.” I hope I haven’t made a huge mistake by not following your exact advice.

    1. Elizabeth Martin

      Interesting Marianne… I haven’t seen that before! If it’s a refurbished 750 for a similar price I’d say you got a great deal. If it’s just the regular 5300 in a different box that’s great too!

  3. Ella

    Thank you for your detailed review! I have a question though, was wondering why is there a ‘dry container’? Does it mean that I have to buy a separate container to blend nuts and such?

    1. Elizabeth Martin

      Hey Ella – In short: No you don’t need the dry container to blend nuts. The normal container will do it just fine. But if you grind dry ingredients alone (like all the ingredients are dry) regularly, the dry container may add convenience. It’s designed to minimize the amount of stuff that gets stuck below the blades (which in theory can result in a less consistent blend, and can be slightly harder to empty out/clean).

      Hope that helps!

  4. Laura

    Thank you for this review! You described my decision making process exactly! In fact, three years ago I asked for a Vitamix for the holidays and got a knock off which I tried to like but actually ended up hating all of this time because it was not cheap and couldn’t blend. Your recommendations and straight-talk made me confident in my decision and my new Vitamix is being delivered this week!

  5. Shawn

    I bought the 1. Vitamix 5300 (Certified Refurbished) after reading this. I couldn’t believe when I opened the box. it looks Bran New. I was expecting some wear on it. Not even a tiny scratch Anywhere. Thank you so much for this great review.

    1. Elizabeth Martin

      YES Shawn! That’s exactly what I try to explain to people. Really appreciate you chiming in and I hope you enjoy your new Vitamix!

    1. Elizabeth Martin

      Like only single serves, ever? And only for smoothies? If yes to both, I dare say you may not even need a Vitamix!

  6. Jeremy

    Thanks for these reviews.! It made my decision a lot simpler since I was getting overwhelmed with all the model choices. Went with the 5300 reconditioned. Very satisfied with the decision and the excellent reviews on it, along with the great price!

  7. Rhonda

    Excellent reviews and I so appreciate it! I, too, have been overwhelmed with the choices. I’ve written your list down and will definitely make my decision based on your research! Thanks for taking the time to share this in such an understandable way. Happy New Year!

  8. DeAngela

    Elizabeth, your review was nothing short of stellar!!! I was so overwhelmed with all of the models and had no idea where to begin. My husband said to make sure I let you know how impressed he was with your information. I am super thankful for the time and energy you used to share your findings. We are going with the 750 for convenience and consistency. You are amazing and I say once more, THANK YOU!!

  9. Miriam Morgenstern

    I’ve read that the 5300 doesn’t work well for a single serving smoothie (16oz approximately) which is what I make almost every day. Is that true?

    1. Elizabeth Martin

      Hey Miriam – I can’t imagine what someone could have meant by that. You definitely won’t have a problem with your single serving smoothies in terms of completeness of blend, or speed. If you want a single serving container to take straight off the blender and head out of the house, yeah, that’s not the standard 5300 jug.

      Otherwise, there can’t possibly be an issue 🙂

  10. Allegra

    Great article. I usually don’t leave comments, but feel that you deserve one since your article didn’t make me yawn, fidget, or scroll obsessively. Well done. Great info delivered with a voice that sounds like it’s coming directly from a friend of mine. I bet you’re funny in person, aren’t you? Really, nice job. Oh yeah, and thanks!

  11. Amy

    Thank you so much for the clear recommendation! I just purchased my refurbished 5300. I was struggling so much with which one to buy I’d still be wondering. Made my decision easy.


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